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Question about upgrading ArubaOS on cluster running IAP135s and IAP105s with virtual controller

We are running a wireless mesh, using a mix of AP-135s and AP-105s.   Currently the network are all running ArubaOS   The automatic upgrade prompt from the virtual controller master unit states that it wants to upgrade the mesh to ArubaOS   However, if I look at the GA releases of ArubaOS, the most current release is


Is it best practice to let the virtual controller upgrade the ArubaOS version incrementally, until it no longer prompts me that a new version is available?    Or is it safe to upload the most current GA version directly to the AP that’s acting as the virtual controller master, and letting that upgrade the rest of the APs in my cluster?


Also, does the VC usually only upgrade itself incrementally?  I noticed that right now it wants to upgrade from to but I’m seeing that on the Aruba support page the latest GA release or ArubaOS is   Will the Aruba want to upgrade incrementally each time until I get to the latest release?

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Re: Question about upgrading ArubaOS on cluster running IAP135s and IAP105s with virtual controller

The current release is   The TAC site will generally be more current than the automatic updates as it can take 2 - 4 months before a version released to TAC is posted to the automatic upgrade servers.


You can jump straight to the current release using your own TFTP server.  The -135 and -105 use different images so you will need to download a copy of each file and have them available.


Depending on the version you are running you may have this view under maintenance.  This allows you to specify the image locations of a mixed cluster (in this case it is -225 and -115).




If you do not have this option then you would want to split the network so you either have two networks -- one for -135 and one for -105s the upgrade each network then re-join them.  You could also just shut down the -105s, upgrade the -135s, then shut down the -135s and bring up the -105s and upgrade then bring up the -135s.


NOTE: The Automatic upgrade will upgrade all the IAPs for you -- both the 105s ad -135s will get their code from the cloud.


Are your IAPs being managed by AirWave?

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