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Quick question RE: Client aware mode

Quick question.. Will ARM adjust channels if client aware made is enabled but clients are always connected?


I have a few "always on" wifi devices on my network but there are dips of very light traffic flow.


I'm wondering if enablng client aware will "lock in" existing channels on the IAP if there are always clients connected.


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Re: Quick question RE: Client aware mode

The IAP will not change channels if there is an active client on there; even with light traffic.   It will only do so in times of radar or excessive noise; from the User Guide:


Client Aware — When Enabled, ARM does not change channels for the APs with active clients, except for high priority events such as radar or excessive noise. This feature must be enabled in most deployments for a stable WLAN. If the Client Aware mode is Disabled, the IAP may change to a more optimal channel, which change may disrupt current client traffic for a while. The Client Aware option is Enabled by default. When the Client Aware ARM is disabled, channels can be changed even when the clients are active on a BSSID.


Your decision to enable/disable this option should be based on the nature of your clients and how they would react to a blip in connectivity as well as your RF environment (ie. are you in an area where ARM is forced to change channels often).   If the RF is relatively clean, you may not see many changes anyways.

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