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RAP-3WN with HUAWEI E367

Hi all,

i'm trying to configure an IAP RAP-3WN with a USB modem HUAWEI E367... but without any result: the blue led always blink, but looking at the Instant "Home Page" I find that the UPLINK status is "PROBE"..

I think that the IAP recognize the USB modem, but it has some problem with the dial-in...

This device is listed inside the Interoperability Table of Aruba, so it should work.. in fact into the support menu I've found that IAP recognize it as 0x12d114cc..


I also tried to use it as remote AP of a controller... ... ...

I have not found any documentation that suggest me the right parameters to use: any ideas?



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Re: RAP-3WN with HUAWEI E367

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Re: RAP-3WN with HUAWEI E367

Hi Ghodgins,

thanks for the reply.

yes, i've followed the link you sent me but i'm still not able to use this mobile USB modem with this RAP.
At the moment i'm using E169, but I need to use the new one...
... have you got any other ideas?



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Re: RAP-3WN with HUAWEI E367

What firmware are you on? 

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Re: RAP-3WN with HUAWEI E367


i'm sorry for the delay....

At the moment i'm using "ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba650), Version", so i need to try to configure it after if after this upgrade.


As soon has i've did it i'll post an update.





I've now a new device to check: Huawei E587


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Re: RAP-3WN with HUAWEI E367

Hi Guys, I'm trying to get an RAP3 working with a Huawei E367 dongle in the Country: Hungary on Telenor ( ISP name ) but seem to be having a problem with it. OS version What do i have to type? TTY Decive Control Path TTY Device Data Path Device Identifier Thx Bye Zoltan
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Re: RAP-3WN with HUAWEI E367

did you ever solved this ? im about to solve the same and i think im missing only few parameters , here my parameters i found out for Huawei E173 :


usb_type=option (2)
modeswitch=-v 0x12d1 -p 0x1436 -M 55534243123456780000000000000011062000000100000000000000000000


the APN you have to change on your own behalf, the user/passwd i kept empty i dont need this normally. pin is also disabled already for that SIMcard.


running IAP OS on RAP3WN ,  for the moment mine is "status 3G/4G" and "probe" and blinking blue , lets see how things evolve ;-)


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Re: RAP-3WN with HUAWEI E367


no, .., i don't!

Tomorrow i'll try your settings and i'll give you a feedback.


Thank you for the support.





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Re: RAP-3WN with HUAWEI E367

What we need to solve or clearify is the usage of the syntax here , for your Huawei you should have for sure another modeswitch command , also we need to know if we have to provide all parametersfor modeswitch , e.g.:







so from my understand the lower -v/-p is the vendorID and productID for the usb-massstorage , and by providing -V and -P you switch to "modem-usage" , i digged into several RAP/USB guides from aruba internal and some also here in forum write this with -V/-P and some without .


also would like to know my ISP for the simcard doesnt need user/pw , so is the IAP having a problem by keeping those fields empty?


another question is , do we have to use " or '  within the strings ? :


e.g. :



or better using ' instead of " ?


my simcard is already without pin protection so my huawei e5300 wifi router doesnt ask for pin while using this simcard so i want to use this simcard in usb-umts modem now for the IAP .


lets discuss so we can help ourselves..  ;-)




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