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RAP-3WNP as a Instant Cluster

Hi All, 

Sorry if this sounds like a silly question. Can the RAP-3WNP (or multiple RAP-3WNP's) be configured as a standalone instant cluster? We have a project that requires a series of multiple mobile sites to be setup, for which we were planning on using 3G/4G for connectivity but I am unsure if I need to deploy a central controller somewhere or if I need to price in Airwave or similar. 


Thoughts and comments are appreciated. 




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Re: RAP-3WNP as a Instant Cluster

RAP-3s ship with IAP SW on them.  As such they can be a VC or you can have multiple RAP-3s in one group.  Remember, for multiple IAPs to form one group the management traffic must be in the same Vlan.  No external controller is needed.


The RAP-3 does support 3G/4G.  The card we support in the current release (v.3.2) is the Verizon Pantech UML 290.  Make sure you are running v.3.2 as there was an issue with the UML 290 in v.3.1. 


On a side note, v.3.3 should be posted to the support site in another week or so.

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Re: RAP-3WNP as a Instant Cluster

You mentioned support cards - that was my next question. Currently where we are (Saskatchewan, Canada) we have the choice of the following (through the various providers):

Novatel MC679 

Huawei E397 

Sierra Wireless AirCard® 330U LTE


Can anyone confirm that these may be operational with the RAP-3, or should I be looking at other alternatives?

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Re: RAP-3WNP as a Instant Cluster

The 330U will be supported in the next release, v. 3.3, due in a week or two.


The complete list of modems supported in v. 3.2 (current) can be found in the v. 3.2 Users Guide.

Re: RAP-3WNP as a Instant Cluster

Whats the limit of a cluster with rap3?




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Re: RAP-3WNP as a Instant Cluster


I think best practice is 64 in a single segment

Thank you

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Re: RAP-3WNP as a Instant Cluster

Is the UML295 on the list of useable AirCards or planned to be?




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