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[RESOLVED] RAP-3 interface port eth1 disabled?

Updating my own post here...


Under Settings ==> Show Advanced Options ==> Wired you can create an access role for the ports. They are trunk by default. This was me not used to the UI.



I just configured a new (OOB) RAP-3 and can successfully connect multiple clients to the wpa-2 SSID. I would also like to use wired clients. I have one client connected via ethernet port eth1. The RAP-3 shows a solid green light and the client shows that it's connected but now dhcp info is passing through and the client does not have network access. The config shows the port is down.


*** 9/18/2012 10:46:58 AM    Target: 00:1a:1e:08:59:79    Command: show port status ***

Port Status
Port  Type  Admin-State  Oper-State
eth0    FE           up          up
eth1    FE           up        down
eth2    FE           up        down


I thought this would automatically pass through ethernet clients.






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Re: [RESOLVED] RAP-3 interface port eth1 disabled?

Thanks for updating the post once you found the resolution.
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