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Radio settings in IAP Mesh



I have two IAP 314 AP,s with AP-ANT48 external antennas.

I need to form a mesh link between these two.

I have guestion about antenna and transmit power settings.

AP-Ant technical specs defines nominal gain to 8.5dbi on each radio, so this should be setting that i configure to AP as external antenna gain? 

But how about trasmit power?

I found some Airhead article stating that in controller enviornments mesh link transmit power should be set to 30dBm how ever, I cannot change 5Ghz band at the meshpoint its greyed out?

Please advice me what are correct radio and antenna settings in this setup?

Thank you before hand for your assistance.


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Re: Radio settings in IAP Mesh

You are right about the Gain setting.  The transmit power depends on how far apart you will have the IAPs.  The transmit power and channel can be set manually on instant by following the instructions here:

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Re: Radio settings in IAP Mesh

Thank you for your reply. 


How much should transmit power be when distance between antennas is about 50m?

Antennas are outdoor and i must create mesh link over ther air between two buildings. There are no obstacles between antennas.


Thanks again.




Re: Radio settings in IAP Mesh

For this, to be optimally set, you will need to adjust the AP's power until the mesh link RSSI is at least 35 but under 50. If the APs and antennas are too loud, it can over-drive the radios and performance will be impacted. 

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