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Radio transmit power settings on IAP205



I was messing around with one of our APs today, an IAP205, when I came across a setting I didn't understand. When in the AP radio settings, you can manually set the transmit power of each radio on a scale of 0-127 dBm. How does this work? Every other vendor I've seen only goes to about 23 or so, from what I remember. Is it really transmitting at 127 dBm, or are the other factors involved? It was set at 20, and after changing to 127 it didn't seem to improve RSSI at all. Please answer, thanks!

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Re: Radio transmit power settings on IAP205

127 is shorthand for "the regulatory domain max".  It does not mean 127.

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Re: Radio transmit power settings on IAP205

OK, this makes sense. But then what is the AP actually transmitting at? Is there a way to view this, like what power is being output per chain?

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