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Radius authentication problems after upgrade

I have two IAP-105 access points that I updated to the latest version on the software ealier today ( ealier today and have been having radius strange raidus behavior. I'm using the internal radius server and have about 12 different accounts setup. After the upgrade, all but three of them failed to connect. The AP showed an alert about an incorrect password. I went in and changed the password for one of the account to the same one as before, but it was still logging an incorrect password. I changed it to a new one and that seemed to fix the problem. I went ahead and changed all the others after that.


It seems like the radius server is being very picky about what kinds of passwords it accepts. 


For example




was a password that didn't work




was a password that worked. 


Certs aren't expired or anything like that.


I was going to downgrade to a previous version of the software, but I can't access the download page to get an older version without having a support contract. Any ideas on what to do?

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Re: Radius authentication problems after upgrade

I'm experiencing similar behavior, though this is my first foray into the Instant world using a brand new IAP-105 that had never been previously configured.  That we're both having this problem seems as though we potentially have a bug in Internal Server authentication.  Cjoseph is on the case in the thread I created over here.

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Re: Radius authentication problems after upgrade


Kindly open a support case for this.

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Re: Radius authentication problems after upgrade

This definitely sounds like the same issue. I'm trying to get the support contract pushed through to get a firmware downgrade and open a case.



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Re: Radius authentication problems after upgrade

I have same problem since and now at


Pierre Abel.


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