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Random WiFi drops


We have several Aruba WAPs, models W-AP135 and W-AP225 in our environment. We recently have been experiencing seemingly random drops in connection for several users, followed by the inability to reconnect. This also goes away seemingly randomly. This doesn't happen on all access points connected to the controller and generally a reboot of the controller temporarily solves the issue. This is also accompanied by many WAPs in the organization showing high utilization in the console. Can anyone give me an idea of what to look at as I'm not the one who implemented the system and don't have a lot of experience with these APs?

I've attached a snip of the what I'm seeing as high utilization in the console.

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Re: Random WiFi drops

- You should not have to reboot a controller to make it work.  You probably have an RF issue.

- Please PM me the tech support for the Virtual Controller of your IAPs.

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Re: Random WiFi drops

cjoseph was able to help me get this resolved. This is the message he sent me.



Your ap power is too high.



wide-bands 5ghz

min-tx-power 18

max-tx-power 127


Under RF and ARM your minimum transmit power should be 12 and the maximum should be 18. 


2.  You are not filtering broadcasts on any of your SSIDs.

Edit all of your SSIDs and go to advanced.  Change broadcast filtering to ARP for all three SSIDS.


After changing these two things my problem went away.

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