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Re: IAP 315 Maximum Speed Possible

Unfortunately, I have noticed the same wifi performance issues on my iap205 and iap207 and iap275... wifi bandwidth seems to be cut in half or more.  however, when i connect to router wifi, the speed is NOT reduced like original poster described.


I went ahead and purchased the TP-Link Deco M5 to test with ethernet backhaul (setup same way as my iap's).  the Deco M5 matched the speedtest of the router wifi's speedtest.  I have streamlined all the wifi settings on iap's as well without much improvement.


in a nutshell:

wifi router: 215Mbps

deco m5 ap: ~205-210Mbps

iap: 135Mbps


is there a solution to this??  I keep reading that wifi is half duplex and that's why the ~50% in bandwidth, but that doesn't explain how a prosumer ap like tp-link (deco m5) or a wifi router would be at or near 100% of the isp's bandwidth.

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Re: IAP 315 Maximum Speed Possible

It sounds logical to compare enterprise WiFi to consumer WiFi, but it is not so simple. If you have a single WiFi AP you can use (very) wide channels of 80 or even 160 MHz, with enterprise WiFi you typically can't and switch back to 40MHz or even 20MHz, which cut the max possible speed in half or a quarter. As you don't mention what the configured channel widths are, there is not so much to say on that one. You probably can increase the channel width to 80MHz and get similar high speeds, but that will not work if you have multiple APs and you start putting traffic on multiple APs that have shared or overlapping channels.


Secondly, I see for the AP207 that is a 2x2 11ac radio with max (theoretical) throughput of 867, where the deco advertises 1300Mbps and that might be an 3x3 APs with more antennas. If you have a device that can use 3x3, like high-end laptops, you may have benefit there.


As the reported numbers are approximately half, I would guess that the Aruba AP is on 40MHz channels and your deco is 80MHz channels.


Another thing is that Aruba APs will automatically select channels and power to create a balanced network with limited co-channel interference, which may be that the radios are not set at maximum possible power. If you client is further away than a few meters, that may result in differences as well (should not be 0.5 in throughput).


If you want to test properly, also switch off all the other APs and test with the same configuration in channels, channel width, power levels, distance, antennas. Please note that if you start adding APs, you run quickly out of channels and may still have good single-client performance but as soon as you add more clients on different APs the overall performance is expected to drop significantly, and this can be overcome by using smaller channels that may not give the highest top-speed, but provide more reliable and aggregate throughput with many clients on the network.


If you have a single Aruba AP and are close to it, enable it for maximum power and wide channels to get the best throughput.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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