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Recommend outdoor AP .. for a

Hi there


I am looking for recomendation for an outdoor AP (northern Alberta so very harse weather -31 degrees Celsius  right now) .  I have 2 small buildings that are close together that I want to bring network too.  BUT .. we dont have an uplink at either building.  SO I need something that could either repeat an existing SSID from a transmitting device that is connected to the network at a third location)   We have use P2P system in the past to bring network to other buildings, and then installed an AP.. just curious if we could plug a transmitter into the network in building 3... and then have an exterior AP inbetween the other 2 buildings that would allow WiFi connections in building 1 and building 2)


On the Map attached.  I want the blue circle to be the exterior AP that would allow WiFi connections to House 1 and House 2..  While the Red circle is the source (connected) to the network.

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Re: Recommend outdoor AP .. for a

There are some possible solutions. My first thought would be to have a look at the AP-387 which is a 60GHz+5GHz point-to-point AP. With two of them you can create a point-to-point link and have a high bandwidth alternative to a cable. That AP is rated down to -40 Celsius.


As an alternative, if you have an existing Aruba controller or Instant deployment, you can use mesh with the Aruba outdoor APs. Please check the operational temperature ranges, but I think most are rated down to -40 degrees Celsius.


Probably it is best to find a local Aruba partner or contact the local Aruba sales team to design the best solution.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Recommend outdoor AP .. for a

I dont want a point to point . as then you would need more devices to allow clients to access the WiFi..


I am seeking something that can be connected to our exsisting network that transmits to an Acess point on the outside of the other 2 buildings. that woudl allow access /  connection to the WiFi


Re: Recommend outdoor AP .. for a

Depending on the client load, and distance since I didn't see it noticed, but whether you want to servie clients on the 5Ghz radio used for mesh is up to you (anything more than 2-4 clients on the 5Ghz radio will slow down the mesh backhaul. Otherwise, reserve the 5Ghz for mesh, do clients just on 2.4Ghz. If you need to separate the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz for directional antennas, or want to put 2.4Ghz inside one building with 5Ghz mesh antenna outside, you can use the AP-374 (if AP is mounted outside) or AP-318 (if the antenna is located outside). 


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