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Reconnect problem with iOS devices on instant

Hi Community,


We were implementing Instant APs, Two SSID one is open WiFi hotspot without any authentication , encryption the second one is WPA2-PSK AES this is for  employees. The open guest WiFi IP addresses are managed by the VC which is the DHCP server and the other one by the lan switch internal DHCP server.

Both networks are working fine we can connect to them, we get IP and internet connection. We have issues only IOS based devices like Iphone, Ipad when we disconnect from the employee network and connect to the  open network after that we are not able to reconnect to the employee network. Meanwhile in the GUI we can see this clients with old IP address from the open network. On the other hand the network name is the new employee network. With other type(windows, android, mac) of devices we have no issue they are working properly with several network changes.

Thank for your help!


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Re: Reconnect problem with iOS devices on instant

Its a bug but I havent been able to prove it to TAC.  By the time I get everyone on the phone, the issue is gone.  Its good to see I am not the only one though.  My TAC people think I am crazy.


I have found a work around, if you temp assign a static address to the 'i' device and then move back to DHCP, it will pick up the correct dhcp address. 

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