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We have setup controllers in a redundant pair Master and Master Standby. This was all working fine but we have to complete an annual check each year to confirm operation. We were completing a test and during the failover tests we experienced an issue with the VLAN in the redundant pair. The Master controller was restarted due a strange issue with a VLAN but now we have a new problem.


The two controllers are in a managment VLAN of 50 with for controller 1 and for controller 2. The controllers cannot ping in each on the managment VLAN but can on any other VLAN configured on the controllers. I have checked the IPSEC and it is not established between the controllers.


But I can ping both controllers from another device in the management VLAN 50. Can I ask if the controllers are in a redundant pair do they only communicate with each other only via the IPSEC tunnel?


When I do a show crypto ipsec sa I can see that the tunnel is not up but I thought a basic ping should have worked


Thanks for any help



Re: Redundancy

suggest your raise a support call to get this resolved.

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