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Reject Authentication Request Based on Username (MC-MNC)



We have a situation in which we want to block the authetication request sending from controller to AAA server in our network.


We deployed wifi solution, where we offload our 3G customers to our wifi network. These customers then use EAP-SIM authentication to validate themselves. But there are some customers which are not our client (other operator customers) who also trying to authenticate with AAA but AAA is rejecting them. In this senario, authentication request are reaching till AAA unnecessary. Looking for some solution or feature in which we can block these customers on controller with the help of username or MCC-MNC. As other operator MCC-MNC is well known.


Summary :

MCC-MNC : Our network ()..... Should send authetication request to AAA

MCC-MNC : Other operator .... Should be rejected at controller stratight away.


Format of username : MCC-MNC-CountryCode-Number@......

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