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Release with IAP 93

Hello i got a question regarding this

If i got a AP 93 Cluster and we introduce AP 103 to this cluster, and of course if we upgrade the IAP 93 Cluster to the release they will be able to work toguether in the same cluster right? or you cannot mix them?


If its possible to have  IAP 93 and AP 103 Mixed in the same cluster this means that all the cluster will be not able to have the fallowing features


l Internal RADIUS server for 802.1x authentication
l EAP Termination
l Authentication Survivability
l LLDP integration






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Re: Release with IAP 93

You can mix an IAP-93 into an existing cluster of other models.


CAUTION: Read the Release Notes carefully for a full list of limitations that will be imposed on the IAP-9x running +.   Those limitations will only affect the IAP-9x.

Re: Release with IAP 93

Nice so we can mix 103 with 93 then.


Well this will eventually be a cluster of just IAP 103 but they will slowly replace them and send those IAP 93 to remote sites that they need wireless.   But for now there will be a mix of 93 and 103 on the same cluster.




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: Release with IAP 93

We're in the smae boat, rolling iAP275 in to sites with iAP92/93 and iAP104/105 except we're retiring the iAP93 eventually.


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