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Renaming/ addressing IAPs

I have several hundred IAP clusters that I am installing, and cannot find an option to bulk rename or change IP addresses via CLI.  I know that the option exists if you touch each AP's CLI or use the GUI, but this is a long process.


Is there any method of renaming/ readdressing the IAPs from the VC's CLI?  I'm fairly new to Aruba, so if I missed it feel free to shame me.

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Re: Renaming/ addressing IAPs

Do you have AirWave by any chance?


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Re: Renaming/ addressing IAPs

I do not, unfortunately.  The end user did not wish to purchase the licensing.

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Re: Renaming/ addressing IAPs



I´m not sure what you want to do, but there are some cli commands for you:


change the name of VC:

(Instant AP)# hostname IAP1


change IP-address of an IAP:

(Instant AP)# ip-address

ip-address <ip-address> <subnet-mask> <nexthop-ip-address> <dns-ip-address> <domain-name>


I hope this helps you...


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Re: Renaming/ addressing IAPs

The I know it could be done this way, but that requires that I touch every AP on site.  What I'm looking for is more of a central way of changing them via CLI, such as Ruckus has (from the controller, you can send commands to the remote AP's CLI by MAC address).  I would have expected that the VC would have had functions similar to the GUI in the CLI, but it appears not.


As the Instant APs are on DHCP, finding the current address of each to log into them is fairly time consuming.

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