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Rent Instant APs?

Does anyone know where I can rent some additional Aruba IAP-105s?  (Or any other Instant AP.)


I have an event that I need another 5 or so APs to cover properly.  Not a big enough job to warrant the purchase of IAPs, so I'm hoping someone knows of a vendor that rents them.



Re: Rent Instant APs?

Why you dont ask a local partner for this?

We have done that and also we have lent our custumers APS.   Just look for a reseller of Aruba in your country or near you.




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Re: Rent Instant APs?



If your are in the UK we offer a managed service were we lease customers IAP's and an Airwave "instance" to manage them.





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Re: Rent Instant APs?

Yes, we do have it in Singapore. Let me know if you are in SG.

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Re: Rent Instant APs?

Thanks Carlos, I'll give that a shot.


(And my appologies to all...  I should have said I'm in the US.)

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Re: Rent Instant APs?

Dun worry about it.

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