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Restoring an IAP backup



Here´s the use case, a customer is managing many RAP-155 deployed over the internet with IAP-VPN and they are managed by Airwave through that same VPN tunnel. (Airwave is not reachable over the internet) They want to be able to reset an AP and provision it again and still get the same BID for the same distributed L3 slice.


I thought that could be easily done by copying the configuration from Airwave -> Instant Config -> choose the cluster -> config archive and having someone on site reset the AP, log in through the instant SSID and restore that configuration since that contains the correct virtual controller key it´d get the same subnet.


The problem seems to be restoring that configuration, everytime I try it only restores parts of it and then reboots but without restoring all of vpn, routing, ams-ip, ams-key and virtual controller key it won´t work. It seems to depend on the order of the configuration what gets restored and what doesn´t. (I´ve tried shifting things around and that changes it) The ams-ip is in clear text in the config archive of Airwave, perhaps that´s the issue? Although I can´t seem to get the hashed version of it since everytime I run "show run" in the cluster, the hash changes.


I´ll try more of this tomorrow but meanwhile, anyone have any ideas of why I´m seeing this issue? I´m on code.



Christoffer Jacobsson | Aranya AB
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