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Roll Assignment Troubleshooting

Hello everyone! Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Our public wifi clients that connect to our public ssid should always either be assigned the "External CP" or the "public" role.  However I see a corporate laptop that connected to the public ssid but assigned to our coporate acl role!! Fortunately it's a corporate owned device, but this worries me.  How/why was our corporate acl role assigned to a "public" device? What commands or diagnostics can I use to see how a role was assigned to a client on an Aruba IAP.  We are NOT using clearpass for our public network so I'm stumped as to why it would have gotten the corporate role on the public ssid... 



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Re: Roll Assignment Troubleshooting

Use "show aaa state user" to determine how your user got the VLAN or role that they got: aaa user state

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Re: Roll Assignment Troubleshooting

I'll give that a shot! Thank you Colin! It's appreciated!

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