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Set IAP 105 as preffered master

Hi everyone


I'm looking for a solution to set an IAP 105 as preffered master. I know that you can set this setting in the edits tab for the selected IAP but unfortunatelly the drop down menu for the preffered master is not showing up.


Is this in general not possible for an IAP 105 or do i need to upgrade the firmware so this option becomes avaliable? current firmware is:


Thanks for the feedback!




Aruba Employee

Re: Set IAP 105 as preffered master

Upgrade. It's in the Release Notes:


To provision an IAP as a master IAP:
l IntheInstantUI,gotoAccessPointstab>edit>EditAccessPoint<AP-name>windowandselectEnabled

from the Preferred Master drop-down. For more information, see Aruba Instant User Guide.



Zach Jennings
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Re: Set IAP 105 as preffered master

Hi Zach


Thanks a lot for your quick reply, will do so!


have a nice day and thanks again.




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