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Setting Master using IAP

I have ten AP-105's and one AP-135 on my network.  Everything works fine using the virtual controller, but my question is this... I understand that if my 135 is acting as the master hosting the VC and it goes down, it will transfer the VC to another 105 and one of them will become the master.  But when the 135 is rebooted it does not assume the role of master.  Is there a way to specify which device is the preferred master?  If I reboot ALL the APs at once, the 135 will be the master simply because it boots up fastest.  But I would rather not reboot everything if the situation presents itself.

Re: Setting Master using IAP

As of today there is no way to set priority for the master AP.  It is based on some factors but uptime is I believe #1

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Re: Setting Master using IAP

I prefer my iAP 9x not take master roles due to memory constraints (mostly imagined) but otherwise I don't know why it would matter in a 105/135 network.


Why pray-tell are you trying to force the 135?


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Re: Setting Master using IAP

Simply peace of mind.  And to kinda keep track of what's what.  Just thought it would be a nice feature if available.  Little more control. :smileyhappy:


Re: Setting Master using IAP

There is election priorty baked into the IAP-135 in a mixed environment, It will, by default elect itself as master over less capable IAP's.



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