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Setting up a set of IAP-175s - External Portal API docs?

Hey all,


So I am setting up an outdoor network using IAP-175s (for-fee WiFi), and I'm trying to wrap my head around the API side of the IAPs. What I want to do is have my own custom external captive portal out on the web which basically does the following. Note, I am very savy when it comes to building complicated websites, using web services, etc. so please pour on the implementation details! 


  • Display a portal page that ideally would have different content based on which AP they connected to specifically
  • Allow the user to either create an account, use a coupon code to be granted access, or login with an existing account
  • If necessary, perform a credit card transaction against their account
  • Grant access for a set amount of time

As I am starting to understand, the IAP will redirect a pre-auth user (which just as an IP, DNS, and access to a specific IP address) to my external portal. From there I can take their information, do whatever, etc. to determine they are now "authenticated". My questions are as follows:


  1. How do I tell the IAP once I've done whatever I needed to do (which could be making your way through a few pages on the portal side) that the user can now use the Internet freely? I know there is this "Authentication Text" idea, do I basically just put something like an HTML comment with the auth text to say we're all good? Is there another API-based way?
  2. How do I turn OFF access from the external portal for a given user after a set amount of time? Can I connect from an external entity to the IAP in question that granted access (or perhaps all of the IAPs in sequence?) and de-authenticate the user once X amount of time has passed? 

Reading around here it seems like there is some sort of XML based API (that might also just work over HTTPs using GET/POST vars?), but the scarce documentation I've found seems to be for Controller based networks and not the IAPs, or IAPs that aren't the 175. 


Direction and Documentation greatly appreciated!



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