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Settings for New Install At Middle School

Greetings! I am starting off with a new install of IAP-105s at our Middle School. We are starting a one-to-one program with Chromebooks. I have one AP per classroom. Each classroom will have a maximum of 25 chromebooks (2.4 and 5 ghz radios). There are cement walls between classrooms.  I have the following settings:

Band Steering mode: Prefer 5 Ghz

Airtime fairness mode: Fair Access

Spectrum load balancing: Enabled

I created the SSID with Guest mode, and then further customized the DHCP server and set access rules to block any destinations on our local network except the gateway: Allow any on server, Deny any to network, Allow any to all destinations.


Oh great Airheads, are there other settings I should change so that when all of the little learners come on campus everything runs well? Or have I already borked something? Thank you very much for any words of wisdom you can pass along!




Re: Settings for New Install At Middle School

Ok. Find below knobs for Best practices to enable on IAP for better performance.


1. Keep the management VLAN for IAPs separate from the client VLAN (both wireless and wired)
2. Enable Dynamic Multicast Optimization
3. Enable Broadcast Filter ARP
4. Enable Multicast Transmission Optimization




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Re: Settings for New Install At Middle School

Awesome! That is exactly the kind of stuff I was hoping for! I knew that there would be hidden switches somewhere that would make things work smoother!


For anyone who reads this after me, Items 2 through 4 in the suggestions can be found by clicking on your Network Name on the main page, then "edit" then "Show advanced options".


Now all I have to do is figure out how to accomplish suggestion #1! :catwink:

Re: Settings for New Install At Middle School

To add to this...Instant version 3.4 has added Dynamic CPU management, which perhaps may be useful as well.


IAPs perform various functions such as wireless client connectivity and traffic flows, wired client connectivity and traffic flows, wireless security, network management, and location tracking. Like with any network element, an IAP can be subject to heavy loads. In such a scenario, it is important to prioritize the platform resources across different functions. Typically, the IAPs manage resources automatically in real-time. However, under special circumstances, if dynamic resource management needs to be enforced or disabled altogether, the dynamic CPU management feature settings can be modified. 

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Re: Settings for New Install At Middle School

Dynamic CPU management is enabled by default with IAP v. 3.4 which was just released a couple of days ago.  It can be downloaded from the TAC site and will be available from the cloud-based upgrade servers soon.


Another item you might considder is Content Filtering.  We partner up with OpenDNS for content filtering on IAP and it is enabled on a per SSID basis.  So, you could enable filtering on the "Student" SSID to keep the kids from looking at sites they shouldn't while leaving the "Instructor" SSID unfiltered -- or filter it and put different filters on the Instructors.

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Re: Settings for New Install At Middle School

Great! Thank you for the information!

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