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Slow and unresponsive web GUI on IAP-103

Hello All,


We recently purchased a number of IAP-103 for our wireless deployment.


Currently I have a single IAP-103 configured with a static IP address of and the virtual controller IP as,  the uplink VLAN is set to 10 (as this is our mangement VLAN).

I have 2 SSIDs, "Staff" on VLAN 100 and "Guest" on VLAN 200.  The switch port that the IAP is connected to is configured as a trunk.


interface gigabitethernet1/24
description "WiFi dot1Q"
switchport trunk allowed vlan add 10,100,200



When I connect to either the .10 or .11 address to access the IAP settings the page takes a long time to load and is very unresponsive.  I have tried 3 different browsers and upgraded to the latest firmware (version


Does anyone have any sugesstions?



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Re: Slow and unresponsive web GUI on IAP-103

Do you have the tech support from that access point?


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Re: Slow and unresponsive web GUI on IAP-103

Hi All,


Finally got to the bottom of this.

It turns out that the IAP doesn't like to be on a trunk port where the native VLAN is anything other than VLAN1, regardless of what you set the uplink VLAN to in the Aruba VC.

As soon as I re-configured our switches from default VLAN 99 to VLAN 1 the Aruba GUI came back to life even though uplink VLAN is still set to VLAN 10.



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