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Some MacBooks requesting Enterprise authentication when it shouldn't

Greetings all,


I have just installed owo IAP-205 and one IAP-215 in my client's second coffee chop. Their first one has an Aruba 620 controller and regular APs and it works fine, but the some customers that go to the second store are experiencing an issue where their MacBooks are requesting Enterprise authentication when it's just WPA personal.


A search online resulted in the following:

"I had the same issue with my late 2008 macbook.  I turned off bluetooth from the menu bar and then opened network preferences.  I removed blutooth and wifi from the left hand list and then applied the changes.  I rebooted the mac and then created the wifi connection again (I didn't do the bluetooth).  I have powered on my macbook at least 4 times and the wifi remains okay.”


But this sounds like an IAP firmware issue?


Current firmware:

Latest available:


Thanks all!

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Re: Some MacBooks requesting Enterprise authentication when it shouldn't

Without tech supports from the IAP and controller it is hard to say.  The device must make a correct decision based on the SSID that it is connecting to.

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