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Some clients get ip ?

Hi All,


We have a company which we placed 4 iap 103s. when i check clients on the controllers web gui, i see some clients are getting ip address. It can be a smartphone or a laptop or a pda. when i restart the device ( phone or pda or comp.)   1 times or twice the problem get solved but this happens everyday. I saw someone had the same problem and he deleted and re config it. I tried, that doesn't work for me. Can someone help me ? 


version of iap 103: -



Best Regards.



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Re: Some clients get ip ?

Hi friend,


Some times WebUI will take some time to refresh the output. to get the accurate output use CLI.


you can use " show clients" command to get the required output.


Hope this will help you to get more clarity.


please feel free for any further query on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Some clients get ip ?

Hi friend i think it is not about latency on web gui. Because when i reboot pda or computer problem ends

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Re: Some clients get ip ?

the question is, what does the client itself say? does it also show or something different?

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