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Spectrum Load Balancing on Instant

I have a school using up to 30 laptops at a time, sometimes i am getting very slow logon times (laptops not actually getting to the desktop for 40 minutes)  so have been sugested to enable SLB.


what is the CLI command to check that SLB is working on the AP's? I think on a controller based system Show ap active shows the AP's and if they have an L next to them then SLB is active?








Re: Spectrum Load Balancing on Instant

Well, with SLB, there needs to be more than one AP in the same "RF neighborhood".  Is this the case here?  Are there other features enabled like band steering, local probe threshold (set to 20 to start) and Filter Broadcast arp?


I would enable those and retest.  More than likely, there is a channel utilization issue vs. a load balancing issue in this particular area. 

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Re: Spectrum Load Balancing on Instant

RF spectrumi assume is AP's seeing other AP's? if so yes there is one in the next room for instance.


Filter broadcast is enabled, Band steering is enabled, i'm not familiar with local probe threshold ?


so do you know of a CLI command to see if SLB is active ?





Re: Spectrum Load Balancing on Instant

You can run the following :


test_iap# show  arm config

Minimum Transmit Power            :3
Maximum Transmit Power            :127
Band Steering Mode       :prefer-5ghz
Client Aware             :enable
Scanning                 :enable
Wide Channel Bands       :5ghz
Air Time Fairness Mode   :fair-access
Spectrum Load Balancing  :enable
SLB NB Matching Percent  :75
SLB Calculating Interval :30
SLB Threshold            :2
Custom Channels          :Yes


Thank you

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Re: Spectrum Load Balancing on Instant

Great thanks alot.

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