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Speeds extremely limited

I have a bunch of APs, mostly 315s and 275s, running instant.


Not a single client will connect faster than 173mbit. I've gone so far as to set up an independent network on an AP in an isolated room, connected a single client that verifies that it's connecting on 5ghz on Wifi-5 (AC) spec, and is still only getting 173mbit, as displayed in the instant dashboard.


I'm on but just updated today as I was hoping that would solve the issue. All APs are hardwired on 1GBE connections, no mesh involved.


I could use a little help and guidance as to figuring out where the problem lies.


Note, previously everything was working fine but I don't know when things changed. I started getting complaints today but I work with a relatively non-vocal group.

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Re: Speeds extremely limited



How wide are the channels that you are using? 20, 40 or 80? From which clients are you testing? Are they 1x1 , 2x2 or 3x3 capable clients?


Based on the description that you are saying (Max 173 Mbps data rate) , it seems you have 20MHz wide channels configured.


You need to understand the mapping between the client capabilities (spatial streams, modulation, coding) and your wireless configuration (Channel width, guard interval, technology...etc), to check the maximum data rate that can be achieved as shown here


Can you share some screenshots?

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Re: Speeds extremely limited

I can absolutely share some screenshots, but what exactly do you want to see?


Attached is the 802.11 Advanced tab for a test network in question.


Edit: I found the RF/Advanced tab which enables wide channel and 80mhz support.


This got me to 300mbit which raises the question of why nothing will associate at 802.11ac speeds.


The primary test device is an Intel 8265 AC which is a 2x2 AC device, talking to an Aruba Instant 315 which is a 4x4 AC device.


Edit 2:


Using my tried and true method of screwing with it till it works:


I had to change the radio settings as follows ->


Radio 5ghz Band:

VHT enabled

Smart Antenna enabled


Secondary 5ghz Band:

Smart Antenna enabled

VHT disabled


I have no idea how these could have gotten changed as I'm the only one here and have never modified radios, but I know that AC had been working previously. Maybe someone else can jump in and enlighten me more as to the why than the what.

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