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Splash Page Modification?

Hi! Good day, everyone.


I would just like to ask if, is there a way to modify the splash page? (When I say modification, I mean is changing the splash page environment not only the color and the text)


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Splash Page Modification?

By splashpage, I am guessing that you mean the IAP internal captive portal login page.

Currently it is not possible to make any other modifications to this page other than the color and text that you are refering to.

To make a more custom page you need to use an external service like Aruba ClearPass Guest.

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Re: Splash Page Modification?

ClearPass Guest is the best way to provide fully-customized web pages for the captive portal on Instant networks.


Another option for  you is that we will be adding some customized captive portal capabilities shortly in Instant.   Stay tuned for that release.



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Re: Splash Page Modification?

I thought so that Clearpass is the answer. Anyway, thanks for the info Nesvik and jfernyc. I guess I have to wait for that release though. Thanks again.

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