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Splash page - allow users to only acknowledge once.

Hi all

I've just implemented an Instant network and we use a Guest network to provide access to the internet for visitors and also staff's phones etc. We are using the 'Internal - Acknowledged' splash page type. The problem is that the users are asked to acknowldge the splash page every time they connect, this will be very annoying for people using their phones and trying to get their emails, Facebook, etc. 


Is there a way to get the network to remember that the splash screen has been acknowledged and therefore not ask after the first time they connect? I suppose it would be good if it can remember either the email address provided or the MAC address of the device.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Splash page - allow users to only acknowledge once.

We have a feature in our ClearPass solution that is "MAC Caching" that would accomplish the type of end-user experience you are mentioning would be desirable.


On Instant itself, the 'inactivity' timer would be something you could modify (make larger... up to 3600 seconds), which would enable your users to not be prompted again unless they were off the network for an hour.


Long term, the ClearPass is your better solution with the 'memory' of MAC addresses for any duration you would like (hours, days, months...etc), however making the timer I mention above longer will help your user population perceive the network as easier to use as well if C



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