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Split Brain from IAP Cluster



we got 2nd time this week a split brain on diffrent customers. is there a way to prevent this? and whats the best way to recover from this situation?


The Problem is, every AP is its own Master and no one connects to each other. When you try to login on anyone, you will be redirected to the Virtual IP, but this is now multiple times available. and login is not possible. from Cli you can only reboot but not reset to factory (this helped the first time, there we isolated every ap and logged in to them).


any ideas?




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Re: Split Brain from IAP Cluster

The best way is to ensure your wired network is stable. Generally if the cluster splits, it gets divided into 2 or may be 3 due to a L2 break in the wired network.

The case that you are describing is uncommon, for this to happen, every IAP needs to loos L2 adjacency woith every other IAP.


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