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Split tunnel with IAP VPN in centralized L2 mode



I have an IAP VPN in centralized L2 mode.   This is working great.


I now have a requirement to be able to print to my home printer  from my client thats connected to the SSID being broadcasted by the IAP.


Physically, my home printer is connected to my home DSL router (which is also what the IAP is connected to).


So, the question is, how do I print to this printer from my client (I don't want to connect the printer to the IAP).


I can do this with a traditional RAP, not sure how I do it using IAP VPN.





Re: Split tunnel with IAP VPN in centralized L2 mode

I am not sure if Centralized L2 can do this as your subnet is coming from the central site.  Distributed L3 may be a better option.  However, in the VPN config for this, is the subnet of the local printer the same as one of the corp destinations?  Also, are you using AirPrint or some broadcast query to find the printer?  Can you find it based on dest ip?

Seth R. Fiermonti
Consulting Systems Engineer - ACCX, ACDX, ACMX
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