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Standalone IAP-225 rebooting after any WLAN profile change



I´ve 20 IAP225 configured as Standalone because I can´t have more than 16 SSID distributed by the 20 APs.

But in standalone mode any change in the a WLAN profile cause a reboot on the AP. Is this normal?


And if I try to delete a WLAN SSID profile the AP reboots after I click on the x, and doesn't remove it.


Can anyone help me?

Re: Standalone IAP-225 rebooting after any WLAN profile change

Are you running the latest firmware?  Check the support site.  Also, why do you need that many SSIDs...that will absolutely kill your RF.

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Re: Standalone IAP-225 rebooting after any WLAN profile change

The SSIDs are for a Science and Technology park that incubates startups and hosts business innovation centers.


All the startups have a virtual network (VLANs and SSIDs) on a shared network infrastructure.

In practice if I could associate a SSID just to one IAP the maximum SSIDs on a single AP would be 7.

That’s the reason I´ve the IAP on a standalone mode. But I have strange behaviors, like clients complaining that after one or two hours of wifi connectivity they lose it and take some minutes to connect again.


Last hour I was checking arm parameters and channels changings when I found out that the ntp wasn´t configured. When I configure NTP I figure out that I need to reboot the AP to the system time be updated :smileysad:, is this a feature or some bug?


After synchronize the clocks I´ll investigate the logs , as I think that I´ve to change some arm parameters, because of interference or the prefer bands options are not working well.

They running software version


Aruba Operating System Software.

ArubaOS (MODEL: 225), Version


Copyright (c) 2002-2013, Aruba Networks, Inc.

Compiled on 2013-11-26 at 13:57:54 PST (build 41049) by p4build

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Re: Standalone IAP-225 rebooting after any WLAN profile change

You might also try v.  There were some client connectivity issues that were resolved between and on the IAP-225.   Not guaranteeing anything though.  Ultimately a TAC case may be needed for debugging

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Re: Standalone AP-225 rebooting after nay WLAN profile change

The reboot does not sound normal. Can you see the reboot reason in ?show version??
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