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Strange 74 second cycle of high latency on all WAPs.

I have encounted a very odd issue.

I have a client with a residence with 3 IAP-335's and 3 IAP-225's and 1 IAP-103


The system had uptime of 7 weeks. Then something quite odd occured. A cycle of 200-500ms latency every 74 seconds lasting like 20 seconds. I walked around with a laptop and saw this on almost all the access points and all bands. However there were 2, one IAP-335 and a IAP-103 that did not seem to have this. This effected all devices.


The problem was cleared with a power cycle. Thats the large red packet loss band you see. ALL the red in these charts is me testing or doing something to the system and not a issue.


This shows the issue and shows where I power cycled and that cleared the issue. ALL the red packet loss was me testing or doing something


This shows the latency spikes close up

I also attached my config file - nothing secure so posting is fine.


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Re: Strange 74 second cycle of high latency on all WAPs.

Your tech support would say more.  Quick question, do you have "Broadcast Filter ARP" or "Broadcast Filter ALL" on all of your SSIDs? (It doesn't seem that you do) It could be unfiltered multicast traffic that could be causing your issue.


In addition, you are running 80mhz channels and if you have any density, it wil cause issues.  I would run 40mhz or 20 mhz channels.  Lastly, your ARM minimum power is 18 and your max is 127.  I would make the ARM minimum 12 and maximum 18 to start, because you could be causing your own cochannel interference..



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