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Successful IAP-109 Telstra Aircard 320U modem settings

Hi Guys and Gals,


I have been bashing my head against the wall trying to get these new RAP109’s to recognise and fire the Telstra Aircard 320U, I have finally cracked it, with some gratuitous stealing of codes and combinations using the Aruba 3/4G webpage support list, and I had almost given up too, so here it is at last. YOU NEED THE DOUBLE INVERTED COMMAS IN THE MODESWITCH COMMAND when entering it in the web interface, otherwise, it WONT save them….


My card brought up the Blue power light and never fired the green activity light until I used the modeswitch command (even when I  turned off the SDcard in the Sierra Watcher app)


This is from the iAP-109 configuration file: (the code version I am running is the latest, which is


4g-usb-type sierra-gsm
usb-type sierra-gsm
usb-dev 0x0f3d68aa
usb-tty ttyUSB3
usb-init AT!BAND=02,AT+CFUN=1,AT+CDGCONT=1,'ip','telstra.internet'
usb-dial atdt*99***1#
usb-modeswitch "-v 1199 -p 0fff -S 1"


I am not sure about whether the AT!BAND=02 (force to 3G) is needed, (you can probably leave it out, or set it to =00 but its working at last so I am not going to change it now….:) (EDIT: you can leave the AT!BAND set to 00 as this works also)


Prior to 6.3 controller code (and instant) the Sierra 320U Telstra 4G card used TTYUSB9 which worked fine for RAP5 and RAP3WNP, but it seems its now TTYUSB3....


Hope this helps people save a few hours of fiddling around trying different settings and combinations, like I just did. :)



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