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Symbol guns having connectivity issues after upgrade to

Hello our Symbol guns are having intermittent connectivity issues after we upgraded to on our IAP cluster. They will reconnect after a reboot of the device, and the time it takes for them to disconnect again vaires. Seems to be when they roam. On the device the log just says association timeout.

I have seen some other non-Aruba forum posts that mention disabling 802.11d. All of the guns are using the 2.4GHz band at the moment and WEP.

Anyone else seen this or have any thoughts.

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Re: Symbol guns having connectivity issues after upgrade to

These devices make terrible decisions about when and where to roam.

There are several threads on them, although they may be hard to find under the name Symbol, as they are also Zebra and Motorola.

The thread I think you'll find most helpful is here


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Re: Symbol guns having connectivity issues after upgrade to

We found a fix for this. SYmbol/Zebra was zero help, big shocker there. We had to hard code the RF band on the SSID config to fix this. Also if DHCP enforcement is enabled it may cause this to happen as well.


But overall it was a band steering issue. Rather than disable that globally just because these craptastic things would not support it, we just turned off one band on the specific SSID and it resolved the issue.

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