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Re: Threshold column


Sorry I did not manage to explain it very well.

Regarding the threshold of 255, that is strange. I would try the following:

- In your VC, perform a "sh aps"  and check that all the APs have the same config ID and config checksum (to ensure that they all have the same configuration)

- In your VC, perform a "sh arm config" and check the CM SLB threshold (just for doulbe-checking)


Hope this helps


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Re: Threshold column


Thanks Kevin, at least I now know what ARM config option the Threshold column relates to.

-Yes, all IAPs have the same Config Id & Config Csum (0 & 18030 respectively).

-CM SLB Threshold is actually set to 5. Whereas, CM SLB Client Threshold is set to 30. Can't see anything in here with a value of 255.


The values seem to change intermittenly as now my 'ap client view' output shows everything with a threshold value of 30, except for one IAP that has read 255 all day.

Checking in the radio stats of this IAP ('ap radio #' stats), Radio 0 (5GHz) is showing as having 4 radio resets. Radio 1 (2.4GHz) is showing as having 9031 'total radio resets' today - I checked this same IAP yesterday afternoon and it only had 3 'radio 1' resets.


I was wondering if the 255 reading in the 'Threshold' column in the 'show ap client view' command output would have any relation to the large number of radio resets on the 2.4GHz radio (show ap debug radio-stats 1)?

I appreciate that this question may be more appropriate for Aruba to answer...


Thanks for your help






Re: Threshold column

That is a bit strange. The "CM SLB client threshold" (in the "show arm config" command) should match the "threshold" value of the "show ap client-view". I wonder if someone from Aruba could help us understanding why one radio has a value of 255



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