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Time Based Services Bug


Trying to setup a "Time Based Services" profile for Sunday to Monday and I get the following error:


I was able to do the smae for each other day, Mon_TUES, etc...





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Re: Time Based Services Bug



We are looking into it.  I will post here again when I know anything.

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Re: Time Based Services Bug

works fine on CLI, issue only on UI. will be fixed in coming releases. thanks for reporting this Colin.



ac:a3:1e:c6:d6:30 (config) # time-range testhelp123 periodic sunday 21:00 to monday 06:00

ac:a3:1e:c6:d6:30 (config) # end

ac:a3:1e:c6:d6:30# commit apply

committing configuration...

configuration committed.


Show command output



ac:a3:1e:c6:d6:30# sh time-range


Current Time     :2016-04-26 11:05:03

Time Range Summary


Profile Name  Type      Start Day  Start Time  End Day  End Time  Valid

------------  ----      ---------  ----------  -------  --------  -----

help_test     Periodic  monday     01:00       sunday   02:00     Yes

testing       Periodic  monday     10:20       tuesday  10:30     No

testhelp123   Periodic  sunday     21:00       monday   06:00     No

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Re: Time Based Services Bug

Thanks for the update! I'll add this via the CLI but now my issue is that NTP is not working as in my other post so my time services will never trigger.


Any ideas?





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