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Trunk Port Config in Aruba Instant APs

Hi all,


I have two IAPs 105, which are assigned a static IP, via the Edit link next to the AP. I want the AP's enet interface to be a trunk port that can bridge the wireless clients to the switch to a different VLAN than the AP VLAN. I find it impossible. I try to do it and I end up with two unpingable IAPs. More explicitly, I define the virtual controller's wired interface as trunk with the vlans that I want. In the SSID config, I bridge the clients to a network specified specific vlan. The weird thing is that the wireless clients get bridged on to the switch with the assigned VLAN and get an IP etc successfully, BUT the IAPs are unpingable. It is like the APs receive tagged packets on the AP VLAN but cannot process it, although they can process tagged packets on the Client VLAN. 


The problem is that when you assign the IP to the AP, you cannot tell it which VLAN it is on. Furthermore, the enet interface configuration belongs to the Virtual Controller configuration, which is only one AP at a time, the master virtual controller. What about the rest of the IAPs that operate as thin APs?


Can anyone help? 




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Re: Trunk Port Config in Aruba Instant APs

You might want to review the recent topic at — the issue appears similar to yours.

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