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Tunnel between IAP Clusters

I've recently learned to configure tunnels between IAP clusters and mobility controllers.  Is it possible to acheive something similar between two IAP clusters?  I have a situation where I'm replacing a small (50 AP) campus network and considering using an instant cluster.  They also have 4 or 5 remote sites which are currently running standalone APs.  I will be controlling this all via AirWave, but I'm wondering if it will be possible to tunnel traffic from the remote IAP clusters (cluster of 1) to the central cluster.



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Re: Tunnel between IAP Clusters

You cannot.  You would have to have a controller at the central site that all the clusters tunnel to.

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Re: Tunnel between IAP Clusters

Thanks for that info.  I know the underlying OS is capable because this is how layer-3 mobility is acheived so it's too bad they didn't make this feature user configurable.  Oh well, maybe in the future.

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