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Turning off Aruba Central

I have a customer who decided to switch from Aruba AirWave to Aruba Central and they haven’t been happy with it and now would like to migrate back to AirWave. I generally just disable the default gateway and reboot the IAP’s. When the VC can’t find Aruba Central, I login to the VC and change it from managed by Central to Standalone mode.  I don’t know if this is the correct way or if it is the easiest way to covert to standalone mode. (then add them to the AirWave server that they all ready have).


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Turning off Aruba Central

OK since this customer already has AirWave how would we covert or switch from Central to AirWave?

Can this be done though the CLI of the master VC?

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Re: Turning off Aruba Central

Ok looks like my customer doesn't know anything.... I logged on to their Central account and no AP's were there. There subscription expired and everything appears to be reachable locally. So all they have to do is add them to AirWave..... So problem is solved

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Re: Turning off Aruba Central

On another note, why werent they happy with Aruba Central ?



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