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[Tutorial] Instant AP Password Recovery Dec13-Tutorial

Hello as some clients of mine were asking me about a password recovery  tutorial i did, so i ll translate what i did to english :)

Hopefully this will help you all like it has done with our clients here.


Okay lets get started!

The first thing you need to know is who is your VC Master, as you need to do the password recovery to the master VC.  If you dont know just turn off all the IAP and leave just one, and that one will become the master and the one you will issue this password recovery procedure.


Now you located the Master VC

Access to the Instant AP  with a console cable.

As you don tnkow the password you will need to  issue:




Now you are inside the console  you issue this command to see which is the password!

show mgmt-user


If you see the password in cleartext well you dont need to do anything you just log off and turn on all your instants APS and the password you just read its the password.   In this case is aruba123


if for some reason you cannot see the password or you want to change it you can do this:

After login with




issue this command mgmt-user admin <new-password>

and save the config with write memory  like this:



Now the password is aruba1234


As an additional note, if you are using Isntant OS

you willl see that the write memory will not save anything.... you need to issue the command commit apply like this:



As you see is the same step but the only thing that changed was typing commit apply instead write memory!



Now you can turn on all the other APS and they will get the new Password

Its pretty easy.


Hope this have been informative for you all





[Mod note: edited subject line for clarity]


Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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