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is it possible to convert AP 535 (RW) Unified AP sw: to IAP?

which IAP image file can i use to upload into the UAP and where to get it?

how to convert it?

appreciate your advice.



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Re: UAP to IAP

Hi khai,


With newer AP's we do not make a difference between IAP,CAP and RAP. Those new AP's are called UAP's. UAP's can run as a controller managed Campus or Remote AP or as an Instant AP. 

For the first two modes (CAP and RAP) you simply need to connect them to a controller. 

For the last mode (IAP), you need to install the correct IAP firmware on the UAP. If you use central, this will happen automatically. If you use airWave this will also happen automatically, if the correct firmware is already loaded to AirWave. If you do not have AirWave or Central, you can download the software from The correct image would be ArubaInstant_Scorpio. Ths latest available version is this one here:


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Re: UAP to IAP

Hi there,


Whilst waiting for Aruba to activate my account you wouldnt happen to be able to provide me with the firmware 'ArubaInstant_Scorpio_8.5.0.2_71711' would you? 


Many thanks,

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Re: UAP to IAP



Is it publicly available for downloading? Because the link returns "404 - File or directory not found" error. 

I have a 545 AP and when i get to the web-interface, it asks me to upload the firmware. Shouldn't be it already installed by default?


Please help

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Re: UAP to IAP



Does anyone have a dowload link for 'InstantOS'?


Many thanks

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