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USB 3G/4G uplink support on non IAP devices (AP-305)?

Dear Members!


Help me please to answer this question:


Is it possible to use the USB port for an external 3G/4G uplink with an AP-305 (JX-936A), which operates in remote AP mode? (or this funcion is only avaliable in IAPs)


There is uplink section in my provisioing page on the controller's remote ap provision page. I tried many different settings based on other topics, but I am afraid of that the main problem is the type of the AP, because it is not an IAP.


I also tried to console login into the AP and runned the modeswitch command manually but without success. 


Are the necessary drivers compiled in the AP's OS?


Is it an impossible mission, or it just configuration problem?


(controller is aruba 7030 with 8.3 aruba OS)

(my test modems, Huawei 1750, Huawei E173, Tp-link MA260)


Thanks in advance!




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