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Unable to see remote site AP in Aruba Central

We have deployed 2 IAP-225 in the a remote site. We have registered the two devices in the central portal. Asper the enduser we need to put static IP addresses to the APs to be able to access the internet. But no improvement in the deployment.

What do we need to do to be able to discover the remote APs in central?

Re: Unable to see remote site AP in Aruba Central

Hi Carlo,


1. The devices need to be added & licensed on Aruba  Central.

2. The IAP's need to have a DNS server configured on them so that they can resolve the URL's needed for communicating with Aruba Central.

3. The clock should be correct on the IAP's to ensure the SSL handshake does not fail.

4. If possible, please upgrade the IAP's locally to latest firmware as well.

5. In case, there is a firewall on the network, it needs to allow traffic from the IAP's to internet.

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