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Understand Logic with Instant AP

I have 4x  Aruba 303 series IAP.


I am having issues understanding how to configure the "LAN" part and the "WAN" Part.


I create a SSID is easy now the part I dont understand is the Client IP and Vlan  Assignment.


I dont see where I can configure the WAN part or a default gateway. If I pick  network assigned. The ap gives IP addresses in the range Thats ok ,then ask me to configure the WPA password and the  access rules and that's it: I dont see the WAN part.


Can you explain how this works.


Thank you

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Re: Understand Logic with Instant AP

With IAP you have two assignment methodes:

1: VC assigned. This means that the IAP is the default gateway and perform NAT
2: network assigned: The clients are placed directly in the network. So the IAP is just a bridge. This can be a tagged or untagged VLAN

See also the documentation.

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Re: Understand Logic with Instant AP

The Instant APs are Access Points, not a router (in basis). Consumer router/APs combine a router function (WAN/LAN) and the AP (provide wireless connectivity to the LAN segment of your router).


Instant APs are designed to connect to an existing LAN network like you have in most businesses. That is why you don't have a WAN interface to be configured. There are some exceptions where you can use the Instant AP as a router, but in most cases, you deploy it like that only in branch networks and as part of a larger solution.


If you have a router with multiple LAN ports, just connect the Instant APs to those LAN ports.


Official Aruba Instant training videos (that do expect some basic networking knowledge):

And I recorded some short demo videos on how to get started (also with some expected basic networking knowledge) on the Airheads Broadcasting Channel on Youtube.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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