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Upgrade AOS connect wifi slowly

last week i upgrade Consumer AC OS 5.0 to . today they tell me that conncet the wifi with Captive portal slowly than before,so i want know why?and what can i do to make it faster.

Re: Upgrade AOS connect wifi slowly

If it's only a matter of captive portal -  (Guest network)

Check this out:

(Aruba3600) #show web-server

Web Server Configuration
Parameter                                      Value
---------                                      -----
Cipher Suite Strength                          high
SSL/TLS Protocol Config                        sslv3 tlsv1
Switch Certificate                             default
Captive Portal Certificate                     default
Management user's WebUI access method          username/password
User session timeout <30-3600> (seconds)       900
Maximum supported concurrent clients <25-320>  25
Enable WebUI access on HTTPS port (443)        false


Try to Increase that number.

(Aruba3600) (Web Server Configuration) #?
captive-portal-cert     Certificate name configured under certificate
ciphers                 Configure cipher suite strength. Default is high
mgmt-auth               Configure management user's WebUI access method,
                        either username/password authentication or
                        certificate authentication or both. Default is
                        username/password authentication
no                      Delete Command
session-timeout         Configure user's WebUI session timeout <30-3600>
ssl-protocol            SSL/TLS Protocol Config
switch-cert             Certificate name configured under certificate
web-https-port-443      Enable WebUI access on HTTPS port (443)
web-max-clients         Configure web servers' maximum supported concurrent
                        clients <25-320>

(Aruba3600) (Web Server Configuration) #web-max-clients




In addition, you could:

- Make sure you have "Drop Broadcast and Multicast" enabled on all of your Virtual APs

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