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Upgrade to 8.0.10 created new templates?

I upgraded my AirWave server from 8.0.7 to 8.0.10 and it looks like after the upgrade a new template was created under each of my AP groups.  The name of the new template is Aruba Instant Thin AP (Any Model) -  This is the contents of the new template:

per-ap-settings %lan_mac%
hostname %hostname%
ip-address %ip_address% %netmask% %gateway% %dns_svr% %domain_name%
swarm-mode %swarm_mode%
uplink-vlan %vlan%
wifi0-mode %wifi0_role%
%if wifi1_role%
wifi1-mode %wifi1_role%
%if dot11g_disable%
%if has_dot11g%
g-channel %dot11g_channel% %dot11g_xmit_power%
g-external-antenna %dot11g_antenna_gain%
%if dot11a_disable%
%if has_dot11a%
a-channel %dot11a_channel% %dot11a_xmit_power%
a-external-antenna %dot11a_antenna_gain%
%if enet0_bridging%
%if preferred_master%
%if zone_name%
zonename %zone_name%
%if usb_port_disable%
%if modem_pin%
pin-enable %modem_pin%


What is the purpose of this new template and do I need to keep it?

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Re: Upgrade to 8.0.10 created new templates?

I opened a ticket with Aruba.  The engineer I worked with had the same results in his lab when upgrading to 8.0.10.  The new template is safe to delete.

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