Controllerless Networks


Uplink VLAN Monitoring IAP

  • Problem: When a Client VLAN is configured on the IAP, which is not allowed or configured on the IAP’s uplink device: any client which connects to such an SSID will not be able to obtain an IP address.

  • Solution: This feature triggers the VLAN alert whenever a client connects to a SSID whose VLAN is not in allowed list of upstream device. This upstream device can be a switch directly connected to IAP or behind a tunnel
  • No CLI or GUI changes with respect to the feature.
  • Usually we see the VLAN alert with DHCP alert when client is unable to obtain the IP address if the connected SSID is configured with the mismatched VLAN.






Troubleshooting & Deugging:-








VLAN X as Verified,  when an IAP receives any packet with VLAN X tag from the upstream device. This indicates that VLAN X is in allowed VLAN list of upstream device. Hence VLAN Alert is not generated.


VLAN Y as not Verified, when an IAP has not received any packet with VLAN Y tag from the upstream device.

This indicates that VLAN Y is not in allowed VLAN list of  upstream device. Hence an alert is generated for such a VLAN when a client is trying to connect to the SSID(with VLAN Y configured) and unable to obtain the IP address.



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