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User is getting disconnected from Remote Desktop


I work at a small business as the IT Help Desk Technician and we have about 13 Aruba Instant APs all of them are 210s except one is the smaller 210 that is thicker and square shaped. 


We have a user who is continuisuley getting disconnected from our Remote Desktop Terminal Services. They will get a message that says "Reconnecting 1 of 20." Other users on the network will periodically get the same message. They are Physical Therapists who move around a gym with a cart that has their laptops on it. We have changed the power settings on her laptop and disabled the Laptop from going to sleep. We have also change the Wireless Adapter to Maximum Performance. 


We are not seeing any events for the Wireless Adapter in the WLAN Auto Config Event Viewer log that says she is getting disconnected. 


The Laptop is a HP Probook 4530s which is an older model. 


The Signal-To-Noise Ratio is fluctuating it will be 74 Mbps one second and a minute later it will be 54 Mbps. Also, the link quality says it is around 38. 

Any help would be great


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Re: User is getting disconnected from Remote Desktop

Do you have Broadcast Filter ARP or Broadcast Filter ALL enabled on your SSIDs?

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